Photograph: VIIRS/Suomi-NPP/NASA

A gallery of satellite images of the earth in June 2012:

There have been many images of the full disc of Earth from space – a view often referred to as ‘the Blue Marble’ – but few have looked quite like this. Using natural-colour images from the visible/infrared imaging radiometre suite (VIIRS) on the recently launched Suomi-NPP satellite, a Nasa scientist has compiled a new view showing the Arctic and high latitudes


Engineers at Japanese construction firm Shimizu have dreamed up a plan for harnessing solar energy from the moon. It’s a large-scaled, seemingly inconceivable plan that involves remote-controlled robots building thousands of photovoltaic panels out of moon dirt, assembling the panels into a gigantic lunar girdle belt, and laser-beaming 220 terawatts of annually collected voltage toward Earth.

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Too awesome to be true. —Wright