Gone With the Wind Behind the Scenes Photo

Director Victor Fleming sits on the camera cradle preparing for one of the most famous crane shots in motion picture history. One of the most challenging scenes in the production was Scarlett’s search for Dr. Meade at the depot where hundreds of Confederate soldiers lay wounded or dead.  The studio called for thirteen-hundred extras to report to the Atlanta Car Shed set, but the Screen Actors Guild could only provide 600 actors.  Six-hundred dummies were constructed and a scenic painter added other soldiers after the film shoot.  Selznick rented a 120-ton crane with a sixty-foot reach and one of the most famous crane shots in film history was completed in one take.

Photo by Wilbur Kurtz, historian and technical advisor for Gone With the Wind. For more, see Wilbur G. Kurtz: History in Gone With the Wind at the Atlanta History Center. On display July 2, 2014 - April 4, 2015.


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The Weird Wind-Rippled Surface of Mars

Wind-blown features dominate the Martian equatorial region, often creating vast dune fields. But in this new observation beamed back from the High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) on board NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), planetary scientists are being challenged by how this particular type of aeolian feature could have formed.”

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[social sandbox] The power of #menpr



The ATC series about men has wrapped up and social was a big part of its success. Serri Graslie sends in these highlights:

ATC’s Men in America series has come to an end after three months and 57 stories. There have been some great successes, particularly where social media is concerned.

#menpr – A short hashtag that served us well across all social media platforms; we used it for both callouts and general promotion

How To Be A 21st Century ‘Gentleman’

  • A week before Shereen’s piece aired, we did a Reddit AMA with WaPo advice columnist Steven Petrow. In addition to driving people to the previous stories and generating a great discussion that informed the last two-way in the series, it also had one of the longest engagement time of any AMA Reddit’s communications director had ever seen – 6:10.

From Axes To Razors, The Stuff That Makes You Feel Manly

  • We again used one of Shereen’s pieces as a springboard to ask men (and women) about the objects that make them feel manly. We solicited answers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and were able to compile them all nicely with Storify. I think this worked, in large part, because of the amazing image Kainaz and Emily got for the first story.

Break Out The Hanky: Tom’s Got It Out For Your Tearducts

  • We did an online and on-air call out about the “movies that make men cry” and received more than 3,600 responses. In reading through them, Colin Dwyer and I noticed a theme: Tom Hanks everywhere. The radio producer used that tidbit in the on-air letters segment and we wrote the web-only companion about the Hanks scenes people cited over and over again.  

Other social media endeavors that worked well: This callout helped us collect a ton of movie/TV clips for intro montages, this callout helped Richard Gonzales find the person he profiled for a piece on older dads, and this commentary owes its success to the NPR Facebook, which gave it a “964% social boost” at one point and helped make it the #4 piece in the series.


The Bitter Southerner is a new-ish publication out of Atlanta that you should eyeball. They’re about a year old and are focused on good storytelling that captures the South as it is today. Mainly they publish long reads, once a week.

But they’re using social to keep the wheels turning in between stories. It’s a smart model that gives them the space to craft their feature content without looking like they’re dead in the water in between stories. Their FB feed has a life of its own and they’re present on Twitter in a way that lets you know real people stand behind the brand. Check ‘em out:


Reddit can be a little overwhelming. One trick that’s useful for journalists and news organizations who want to see how their work is playing on reddit is to use advanced search terms, just like you’d do on Google. Examples:

After reddit returns the results, you can filter them for time, chronology, comments and subreddit. In fact, you can construct more complex searches via a series of advanced search terms. Have fun!



A perfect cool day to spend at Scott Orchard, where they grow 100 varieties of heirloom apples. Here, delicate and tiny Lady apples, which date back to ancient Rome. Orchard manager Ezekiel Goodband told us that centuries ago, women would tuck Lady apples into their bosom and use them as breath freshener. Nifty trick!

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